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A custom online fitness program designed to help you reach any goal! 


Bi-weekly workout schedule to fit your lifestyle and fitness level

Nutrition guidelines that will fuel your body the healthy way

Weekly check-ins to asses your progress and make changes as needed

Constant support via email, text, or phone

Access to exclusive recipes, bonus workouts, and a ton of other information that will maximize your results!

"Your plan has helped me so much. I feel that I'm not starving. I'm eating a lot. Your workouts fit into my sometimes crazy schedule and I'm not restricted to just going to the gym. I enjoy going to the gym but sometimes I just can't physically get there. The home workouts are great! I put some music and my daughter will join me...she imitates the exercises!"

Cecilia M.
Online Client



Do I need to belong to a gym?

Nope! All workouts are individualized so I will put together workouts using only the resources you have. 

Do I need equipment?

Nope! Again, all workouts are created around YOU - If you don't have any equipment, that's perfectly fine. I have plenty of exercises that will help you reach your goals that require nothing but your own body! But if you do! Awesome! I will incorporate whatever you have.

Do I need a ton of space to workout?

Nope! Just enough space to be able to lay flat on the floor.

Is a diet included?

No cookie-cutter diets at Fit by Jenna. Instead I provide nutrition guidelines that you should follow most days of the week! 

Have another question? Ask away!

"Jenna's online training program was the only plan I really was able to stick to and I actually saw some type of change in my body."
Joanna M.
Online Client

"Jenna, I can't believe the progress I am seeing. I see the tone happening, less bloat, etc...I believe it's to do with the eating and more cardio supplemented with the lifting. I freakin' love it!" 
Chloe S.
Online Client

"I started Fit by Jenna's online program and it is absolutely great! You rock Jenna! People have already started to notice a difference and it's only been 5 days. It's awesome! It incorporates a workout and a meal plan. For exact measurements and other meal suggestions, I would get on the plan!"
Cynthia V.
Online Client

"I can't thank you enough! I am happy with my results and I am excited to keep going! It's more or less a lifestyle change that I am excited to continue. Thank you for showing me the way to a healthy lifestyle!!!"
Maria R. 
Online Client

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